Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Scholarship Scheme to SC/ST/Physically handicapped and Female Students pursuing NIELIT (Formerly DOEACC) O/A/B/C Level Courses

The Society has introduced a Scholarship Scheme for SC/ST/Physically handicapped and Female Students DOEACC O/A/B/C Level Courses w.e.f. January 2003 Examinations

 I. Eligibility
i.    The Scheme will be applicable to SC/ST/Physically handicapped/Female candidates who are pursuing O/A/B/C level of courses of the DOEACC        as a full time course through an institute authorized to conduct the DOEACC accredited courses.
ii.    Candidates shall have to clear all the papers in the first attempt.
iii.   Income of the parents of the student from all sources shall not be more than Rs. 1 lac p.a. (One lakh per year)
IISubmission of Applications for Scholarship
A candidate has to apply for the Scholarship along with the following:
• Proof of registration/up gradation.
• Proof of passing the examination of relevant level
• Proof of pursuing O/A/B/C level as full time course from affiliated institute
• Proof of income
IIIAmount of Scholarship
Total amount
of scholarship
‘O’ Level
(4 modules)
1 year
Q 1. Who is eligible for the Scholarship?
A. Any SC/ST/physically handicapped or female candidates who are pursuing DOEACC O/A/B or C level courses through an institute          
     authorized to conduct DOEACC accredited course are eligible for DOEACC scholarship, subject to the following:
• Income of the family of the student from all sources should not be more than one lac per annum.
• Candidate shall have to clear all the papers of his/her level in the first attempt itself.
Q 2. How shall the scholarship be released to the students?
A. ‘O’ Level:
At ‘O’ level, a candidate should have completed that course within next two consecutive examinations after registration. On successful clearance of first two papers, a candidate shall be reimbursed Rs.2,000/- and balance Rs.2,000/- shall be paid on successful completion of the balance papers in the subsequent examination.
Q 3. What if I fail in a paper in between?
A. If you fail in one paper in between, the scholarship scheme shall discontinue with immediate effect.
Q 4. Which documents are to be submitted while applying for scholarship?
A. Following documents are to be submitted while applying for Scholarship:
  1. Application in the Prescribed Performa, which will be issue by authorized institute.
  2. Proof of Registration / Up gradation of registration, i.e., copy of Registration allocation letter / Up gradation of level letter or copy of the Student’s Identity Card issued by the Society.
  3. Proof of Caste Certificate/ Physically Handicapped
  4. Proof of pursuing O/A/B/C level through DOEACC approved institute with endorsement by the institute on application form (Serial Number 9(a), 9(b), 9(c), 9(d) & 9(e))
  5. Proof of passing the modules of the relevant level; copy of marks list or print out of result from website.
  6. Proof of income of parents/ spouse
Q 5. When and how to apply?
A. A candidate should apply to executive Director DOEACC Society within 45 days of declaration of result of the relevant level through DOEACC approved institute where the candidate has undergone/ is undergoing training.

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